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CampionKnights for SOS Villages

22 December 2016

On Thursday, 15th of December the CampionKnights’ (Campion volunteers in Years 7-11) Christmas project came to a successful end. More than 50% of the pupils in Years 7 to year 11 worked voluntarily and tried their best to raise money to support SOS Villages Athens. This institution helps families care for their children and, when children can no longer live with their own families, they provide quality alternative care (

CampionKnights spent a lot of their free time at home baking and most of their lunch breaks at school producing Christmas and holiday arts and crafts. Everything we baked was sold in two bake sales which took place on the 29th of November and the 13th of December. We also organised a gift-selling drive, which took place at lunchtimes from the 8th to the 15th of December as well as a stall at Campion’s Christmas Bazaar on Sunday, 11th of December.

Every lunch we all did our very best trying to persuade both pupils and teachers to buy something from us, whether it would be a small bag of sweets or a Christmas gift for friends and relatives. All gifts were delivered by Year 7 CampionKnights on Thursday the 15th during form period.

“Every small action makes a big difference, with every donation, we affect people’s lives for the better”. Having this as our motto, we managed to raise through our Christmas activities €1,220. Thanks to IKEA’s ( generous donation of 30 Gingerbread houses and sweets, the PRC was able to raise €300 during the Christmas Bazaar. This money was kindly donated to us to support our fundraising cause.

The overall amount of money which our school will donate to SOS Villages-Athens will be €1,520! We would like to thank all the CampionKnights volunteers, teachers, pupils, parents and IKEA who supported us in every possible way to help us to make other people’s holidays as joyful as ours.

We wish you a merry Christmas, joyous holidays and a Happy New Year!

Sara Al Khashlok (Y11)
Glafki Schellekens (Y10)
Chryssa Economou (Y10)

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