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20 April 2017 In My Campion

On Monday the 20th and Tuesday the 21st of March, Campion’s nine IB2 visual artists displayed their work at the much-anticipated 2017 IB2 Visual Arts Exhibition. Throughout the opening evening, there was a constant flow of visitors from both the school and the public. There was a thread of interaction between audience and artwork as each student discussed the concepts of their work with visible enthusiasm.

The exhibition showcased each student’s development as an artist through the IB Visual Arts course. This course primarily encourages students to explore individual interests through research and experimentation, allowing them to practice and develop their own styles and media preferences. To broaden the scope of their work, the course consists of research components that allow for the development of an appreciation for both Western and non-Western art. From this, universal and personal perspectives amalgamate to form the student’s work, as was evident in each exhibition booth.

The event was highly enjoyable and, as one of the nine artists, I can state with certainty that the turnout was very encouraging. The IB2 Visual Arts class would like to extend their gratitude to all who visited the exhibition.

Natalie Rayya
Year 13