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28 April 2017 In My Campion

At the end of the Spring term, we were given the opportunity to watch a wonderful Karagiozi show made by the Year 8s. Over the course of about a month, we dedicated lunchtimes, time after school and lesson time to create this production. The Karagiozi plays are famous worldwide and we decided to interpret and adapt one These shadow performances are famous in Turkey, Greece and Cyprus. The performances are acted by figures made and painted on paper. These figures create a shadow behind a light reflecting sheet.

In preparation for our presentation, we were split into three different groups, each with their own role. The first group wrote the script and came up with the general ideas for characters and settings. The second group, helped by the Art Department, created the painted characters. The third group was responsible for presenting the performance. They learnt all of their lines and were successful in multitasking between the movements and spoken words of each character. Altogether, this taught the year group how to cooperate, work and communicate together.

The Karagiozi presentation revolved around Karagiozis’ aim to earn money for the small amount of work he did on a farm. In the script, he was trusted by Barba Giorgo to take care of his sheep. Unfortunately, in the first hour he managed to lose one! After this, Karagiozis was caught by the pasa, who then helped him to find the missing animal. The performance showed how Karagiozis’ laziness and lack of attention meant that he barely earnt anything for this poorly done job.

The Karagiozi show was watched by all of the Year 8s and members of the teaching staff. It was wonderful to be able to share this presentation and re-enact a part of Karagiozi history. On behalf of the Year 8 team, we would like to thank the Greek Department for making this event possible. In addition, we greatly appreciate the help the Art Department was able to offer.

Yannis Katsikis
Year 8