My Campion

12 December 2016
In a city called Berlin we were welcomed to the Cabaret. What an amazing show. Well done Ms Rogakou, you were beautiful, ze Kit Kat Girls ver beautiful, ze orchestra and Mrs Helsby ver beautiful, even the backstage vas beautiful!
09 December 2016
On Saturday, 3rd December Year 9 and 10 CampionKnights (the Campion Volunteers Club for Years 7-11) visited Kivotos tou Kosmou to make lucky charms for the New Year and holiday celebrations.
07 December 2016
On Saturday 10th December, Campion School competed in the preliminary round of the EU Science Olympiad (Copenhagen, April 2017). The event was organised by the Greek Ministry of Education and consisted of experiments in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Vasiliki Gini, Laoura Karanikoli and Isabella Pentaris (Year 12) worked hard to…
06 December 2016
On the morning of 5th December Year 9 visited the Museum of Cycladic Art. We explored different aspects of the lives of the ancient Greeks in the 5th Century BC with the help of our tour guides.