My Campion

19 January 2017
Year 5 have been practising their times tables on the TT Rockstars website. Just before Christmas, they all entered an art competition to design a new Rockstar avatar. We are pleased to announce that Ronan Nitsche has won third prize in his age group. Here is the avatar he designed.
19 January 2017
On the 12th of January 2017, Campion school was greeted by a large number of students, ranging from the ages of 15-18, from The Israeli Centre For Young Leaders (ICFYL). This organisation prepares young kids to become ambassadors for their country and to show people the real beauty of Israel.…
22 December 2016
On Thursday, 15th of December the CampionKnights’ (Campion volunteers in Years 7-11) Christmas project came to a successful end. More than 50% of the pupils in Years 7 to year 11 worked voluntarily and tried their best to raise money to support SOS Villages Athens. This institution helps families care…
12 December 2016
In a city called Berlin we were welcomed to the Cabaret. What an amazing show. Well done Ms Rogakou, you were beautiful, ze Kit Kat Girls ver beautiful, ze orchestra and Mrs Helsby ver beautiful, even the backstage vas beautiful!