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All students at Campion receive extensive support in preparing their university applications. Every year, a number of events including seminars, alumni visits and presentations from university representatives, are organised to provide students with information on UK institutions.  Each student receives guidance from the school’s UK and European university advisor as well as from the headmaster. University acceptances include some of the most prestigious institutions in Great Britain and the EU. This year most students secured places at their first-choice university, including Imperial, Kings College London, the University of Edinburgh and the University of Aberdeen.

Over the last several years, Campion has also successfully placed a number of graduates in European universities, particularly in the Netherlands, where high quality English-language Bachelor's programmes are available at a very reasonable cost.  

Our academic results and university placement can be found on the website under curriculum and results. 

If you're a member of the school, please log into your school account to access further information on the UCAS application guide, options booklets, etc.

Below are useful links regarding application and admission to UK universities.

Please click here to read the UCAS Parent Guide.

Please click here to read the UCAS International Undergraduate Guide for Parents.

Why students should seriously consider Dutch universities as an alternative to undergraduate study in the USA or UK

Please click here to read the Campion Guide to Applying to UK Universities 2017-18.

 Please click here to read help for new graduates in getting their first job. 

Please click here to read the Guardian's Careers Uncovered.

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 UK universities to begin to use US-style GPAs

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The College of Law in England is now offering an undergraduate degree course in Law.  The new LL.B. course will be offered at a number of sites throughout England and is a two year course. The IB points offer is 33 with a  combined score of 16 in higher subjects. For further details see the College of Law website at  

Information on what subjects to study at IB/A level for different degrees                                                                                                            

Information for pupils applying for Medicine                                                                                                                                                               

For pupils Interested in applying for Management and Accountancy                                                                                                      

For pupils interested in Engineering                                                               

For pupils Interested in Architecture in Scotland

Student Loans and Finances

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