Important notice!
  • In accordance with a Ministry of Education directive, school will be closed tomorrow and Monday owing to local and EU elections.


Junior School Admissions

M Thiveou

Tel: 2106071800
Email: [email protected]

Senior School Admissions

D Baker

Tel: 2106071730
Email: [email protected]

Senior School Year Tutors

Year 7 Angie Gargareta [email protected]

Year 8 Areti Zographou [email protected]

Year 9 Valerie Bodington [email protected]

Year 10/11 John Diamandouros [email protected]

Years 10/11 Christian Nitsche [email protected]

Year 12 Litsa Andrianaki [email protected]

Year 13 Ann Marie Misirli [email protected]


Headmaster's Office

Eleni Michael

Tel: +30 210 607 1721
Email: [email protected]

Business Office

Chris Calafatis

Tel: +30 210 607 1715
Email: [email protected]

IT and Facilities Manager

Akis Politsopoulos

Tel: +30 210 607 1789
Email: [email protected]


Maria Patouha

Tel: +30 210 607 1716
Email: [email protected]