07 May

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement is one of the largest organisations dedicated to give young people, at the age of 15-18, the knowledge and skills necessary to build their own business and make smart economic and academic choices. It helps students realise the opportunities of work and life in the 21st century through experiencing themselves the growth perspectives of the business model.

More than 50 schools, both public and private, took part in this competition, with the aim to create the best product to help society. During the programme students participated in trade fairs as well as compete both in Greece and abroad. On Tuesday 17th April The Mall was filled with stands and students from all over Greece, which aimed to sell and promote their products. Part of the trade fair included students having to present their company to the esteemed judges, which were given the role to assess the performance and operation of the students’ enterprises.

Our school created a company named ‘Nannifyme’ that aims to provide help to parents that need somebody to take care of their children. Our goal was to give parents more liberty and time outside the house. The teachers guided us and helped us to learn to work together and to set high goals.

Even though, our group of students didn’t manage to place in the competition it was an unforgettable experience, which not only inspired us, but also prepared us to succeed in a global economy. We got the opportunity to take initiatives, relate theory to practice, and come in contact with both the problems and realities of a modern business.

Irini Panagiotidis

Year 12




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