08 March

Volunteering for the Special Olympic Games 2019

The short, yet meaningful, experience we had in Zappeion for the Lighting of the Flame of Hope Ceremony for the Special Olympic Games which will be held in Abu Dhabi from 14-21 March was enthralling. 

On Thursday 21 February, we had our first contact with the organising team of Special Olympics Hellas. Together with Mrs Rigopoulou, we were informed about the way the ceremony would commence and how we would help the event. Ms Dimou, the person in charge of our team, gave us instructions regarding how we would operate on the day of the ceremony and how we should behave to the guests.

On Wednesday 27 February, we attended the official ceremony together with other volunteer groups. Our volunteer team consisted of several Year 12 students from our school; we were assigned the scanning of the invitations of every single guest at the entrance of Zappeion, an activity which required great responsibility on our behalf. It was an event with influential guests and this gave us the opportunity to talk and exchange views with visionary individuals. Luckily enough, we even had the chance to watch a part of the ceremony after we had completed our work.

We had a constructive and memorable day and we evidently perceived that this was a significant event, symbolic of hope for a future of inclusion!

Demitra Velikas

Year 12

IMG 20190221 173355
IMG 20190221 173024
IMG 20190221 185312
IMG 20190221 163837
IMG 20190221 185141


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