26 March

Wonderful parent presentations!

Year 5 has been treated to several wonderful parent presentations this year. Our latest was from Mrs Al Jassim, a designer who creates packages and logos, who spoke to the children about branding and packaging design. This is part of our IPC work in the topic 'bake it!'. The children were impressed to learn just how long it takes to create a package or logo for a brand.

We were also treated recently to a presentation by Mr Engborg, who works for the United Nations, along with Mrs Megaloudi, who works for the Red Cross, on humanitarian efforts in the wake of natural disasters, war and more. Mr Sampatas demonstrated how we can use Scratch to programme miniature vehicles to move and play a game of football. Mrs Panayotopoulos taught us about ancient Greek theatre. Mrs Cope taught us all about how our eyes work. We would like to thank our parents for all of their engaging and inspiring presentations and look forward to more in the future.

J Whitehead

Head of Juniors


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