24 May

Year 7 Greek pupils visit Porto Rafti

On 17th May, Year 7 Greek NL had the opportunity to visit the picturesque Porto Rafti together with Kostas Stoforos, the author of the book The Cup of Ptolemy, whose book we studied in class this year.

The main characters of The Cup of Ptolemy- Adventure in Porto Rafti are a group of children who are on vacation. Without realising it, they find themselves in danger, when a gang of antiquity thieves try to plunder archaeological treasures they find in the caves of this area.

During our almost two-hour visit, we walked around Porto Rafti exploring the various places mentioned in the book. We admired the chapel of St Marina, we caught a glimpse of the small islands Rafti and Raftopoula, as well as Prasonisi and the ruins of the castle of Koroni. Although from a distance, we also had the chance to see the cave, where the treasure, 30 coins of the Ptolemaic era, had been found as well as a very rare, rusty anchor, one of the very few that still exist.

Last but not least, we visited the author’s summer house where he has been inspired to write not only the book we read but a series of books with the same main characters. While under the grapevine at the entrance to his home, we asked him lots of questions which he always answered with a smile. It was there where we all realised that it may not be as difficult as we once thought to write a book. All it requires is inspiration and will.

Deeply touched and happier than ever, feeling the nostalgia of the sun and the salt of the sea on the tip of our tongues mingled with some…ice-cream, we made our way back to the school blessed with culture and light!

We would like to thank the author, Mr Stoforos, from the bottom of our hearts for this unique experience, which I am sure I and my classmates will remember in the years to come.

Dimosthenis Despotidis
Year 7



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