18 September

Campion champions, both in volunteer work and athletic events!

On the weekend of 14th-15th of September, 20 Campion Year 12 pupils participated in an educational CAS trip to Epidavros.

After leaving the school around 8 am, we headed to our hotel in Palaia Epidavros. As soon as we arrived, we were kindly greeted by the hotel staff and were given our rooms. Soon after, we went for a recreational swim over the ‘sunken city’, where we could see the ruins of an ancient Greek town. We then had lunch at a traditional Greek tavern and a little rest at our hotel.

Early in the afternoon, we took the school bus to the Asclepeion where we had a guided tour by a profession guide. The Asclepeion was a centre where ancient Greeks would treat and heal people using psychotherapy, secret religious rituals, and even snake venom as anesthesia for surgeries. We then visited the museum and walked to the ancient theatre which is world famous for its remarkable acoustics. We had the privilege to test the acoustics by clapping or dropping coins in the theatre’s acoustic centre. Late in the afternoon, we returned to Palaia Epidavros where we visited the small ancient theatre, one of the very few ancient theatres worldwide which has a view to the sea, and enjoyed the sunset. The last part of the very full programme of this first day of our trip was our briefing on the work we had to do on the next day from the head of volunteers for this event. Eventually, we went to a great restaurant were we had our dinner and also celebrated Harry’s birthday.

On Sunday, we woke up early and headed to Vagionia beach, the starting point of the aquathlon and triathlon races, to support our classmate Manos Andreakis and our teacher Mr Yates. Immediately after, our work as volunteers at the Epidavros triathlon started. We assisted in a number of different positions, handing out water, soft drinks and fruit to athletes and spectators and ensuring that no one went onto the athlete's track.

Our classmate Manos made us feel extremely proud by winning 2nd place in aquathlon amongst athletes of different age groups and by coming 1st in his age group, even though he was the youngest of all participants. We were also very happy to see Mr Yates completing the triathlon race which is one of the hardest athletic events.

After the medal ceremony and another enjoyable meal the time had come to begin our journey home, very tired but at the same time extremely pleased with ourselves.

Overall, we all gained valuable experience (and CAS hours) from our participation in the annual Epidavros triathlon as volunteers and athletes and we also had fun. We would like to thank our teachers, Mr Diamandouros, Mr Yates and Mrs Rigopoulou for accompanying us on the trip and for making it as pleasant as possible. 

Toms Steinbergs Y12
Vassilis Tsaousis Y12
Yannis Vavrik Y12


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