24 September

AFW - an afternoon well spent

On a recent Friday afternoon, a group of Year 12s had the opportunity to observe the rehearsal of Saturday’s Athens flying show with athletes from Special Olympics Hellas.

After quite a long bus ride, we arrived at Tanagra airport where we were greeted by cheerful faces and were welcomed into a beautifully decorated tent. We spent the afternoon talking to the Special Olympics Hellas athletes about various topics. Conversations were started by our inquisitive questions about their sporting careers which proved to be very interesting and impressive. One of the swimmers we spoke to managed to win a gold medal in a recent competition over the summer in Samos and simultaneously graduated from high school with a 19 grade point average and was accepted to study one of her passions, politics. We found that the more we spoke, the more we had in common, including similar music and film tastes and we bonded over these similarities. We cracked jokes, exchanged social media handles and even broke into song at one point. Although we were there to watch the amazing display of helicopters and fighter planes, for most of us the conversations we had with these incredible athletes and people took centre stage and will remain firmly in our memories. Overall, the atmosphere was heart-warming and joyful and everyone left with happy memories of this day.

We would like to give a massive thank you to Mrs De La Morena and Ms Rigopoulou for providing us the opportunity to live such a unique and special experience which we will never forget.

Alexia Vogdanos
Year 12

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