02 October

Kouvoutsakis art trip

On 25th September my fellow Year 9 art classmates and I, along with the IB1 Visual Art students, had the pleasure of visiting the Kouvoutsakis Art institute in Kifissia. We were extremely lucky since we had the whole gallery to ourselves!
First, Ms Dres gave us a guided tour of the gallery, showing us the different genres and sections. Then we walked around in order to select and draw our favourite paintings! Looking at the artworks close up is such a learning experience, something that you don’t get from books!
It was great to learn about all the artwork produced by so many Greek artists. This is what makes the museum so special and unique from all others. All the different subjects, styles and techniques that we saw were very informative and have inspired all of us to try new things with our own art! Overall, it was an enjoyable trip and a wonderful experience and I’m very thankful for Ms Dres for taking us there!

Filipos Iskos
Year 9


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