10 October

Race for the Cure

On Sunday 29th September the roads around Syntagma were closed off for the 11th year in a row. The occasion was  the annual 'Race for the Cure', a race/fun run set up by multiple organisations to raise money and awareness to combat breast cancer.
Campion participated successfully for yet another year.  We took part in the 5km race and the 2km walk and I'm proud to say finished both with an average time of 20 - 180 minutes!
Although no one attempted the 10km run, we are tankful to all the people who came to this fun and important event. Its great to see that when meaningful causes arise, the Greek community goes all out, in fact a record number of 36,000  people took part this year. It is even better to see Campion get involved in community events like this and show how important a sense of togetherness is.

Pavlos Lambrianos
Year 12

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