04 November

El Dia De La Lengua Española

On 18th October, Campion’s Spanish pupils came together in a creative collaboration to celebrate El Dia de La Lengua Española in which Spanish-speaking countries commemorate Christopher Colombus’s discovery of America.

Students from years 7 - 11 performed a variety of sketches, dialogues, songs and traditional dances, all in Spanish. It was a very successful afternoon and a vast amount of parents and students came to watch and support the Spanish students performing.

The celebration began with a play by the Year 10 pupils that showed the courage and audacity of the men leaving their homeland, Spain, into an unknown ocean in an attempt to find another route to India towards the west.

Year 7 performed dialogues in which they discussed activities in their free time and after school. They ended their performance by dancing a paso doble and a cha cha, the later to the tune La cucaracha.

Year 8 presented a sketch about an end of year barbecue party which included various dialogues where students would go shopping in search of gifts for their friends. They ended their performance with a dance entitled the Barbacoa.

Year 11 presented four different sketches depicting the very serious issue of bullying in schools. It was a great way to educate about the way bullying can affect children and leave scars for life.

Year 9 finished the celebration with a representation of the Feria de Sevilla. They performed a lively combination of songs, the Sevillana dance and a traditional poem as well as a sketch of two groups of people at a restaurant. To finish, Year 9 sang Sevilla tiene un color especial.

It was a fun-filled and very entertaining experience which all us pupils and the audience enjoyed very much. It showed our parents the skills we have developed. All students are very grateful to the Spanish teachers, Mrs Marti and Mrs De La Morena, for organising these fun and interesting assemblies annually, as they are a very creative way for us to learn Spanish.

Annie Angelinou
Maxine Arduin
Year 9

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