05 November

Old to you, priceless to someone else

About four weeks ago, the Campion Volunteers came into contact with some representatives from the NGO "Support Centre for Children and Families" ( This organisation was founded in 1997 in order to help kids, and their families, who belong to a minority and/or a socially disadvantaged group have better a better life and grow to be the best version of themselves.

As the representatives expressed their need for school supplies, we immediately started working our fingers to the bone to help these kids as much as we could. To make everything work, and to collect as many supplies as possible, we moved both the Senior and the Junior school into action. We made a poster and gave a presentation which we presented in the Junior school assembly and to the years 7-9 assembly.

After three weeks of hard work during lunch breaks and after school from home, we managed to collect six boxes full of bags, pencil cases, and other school supplies.

Thank you to Ms Rigopoulou, Ms Korakaki, Ms Baker, and all the parents and students that helped us give joy to kids in need!

Fenia Makri

Year 11


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