22 January

Year 12 celebrate the New Year with Mati elderly

Before the winter holidays began, a small group of three Campion students, together with Mrs Rigopoulou, visited the Prolepsis Institute in Marousi to meet with representatives from the Institute and take the first steps in organising the ‘Mati Project.’ The fires in Mati devastated a major seaside suburb of Greece. The largest group that was not able to escape the devastation, for many different reasons, is the elderly who are still living amongst the ruins of the fire.The residents live with memories of the tragic event surrounding them, with no suitable resources, and many are without four walls to protect them.

The goal of the event was to gather the elderly population of Mati, which the Prolepsis Institute is already collaborating with, and create a memorable night full of light and laughter that they may not have been able to find in their ruined homes. Many students from Campion came together to plan for the night and raise funds through two bake sales, in addition to the 500 Euros raised in the prior school year. There were many meetings held between Mrs Rigopoulou and the organising team which were full of bad news, good news and compromises. After many weeks of stress trying to create the perfect event, around forty students from years 10 through 13, teachers of Campion and the Prolepsis directors met with 100 elderly residents of Mati in the Mati Hotel on Friday 19th  January. We celebrated the New Year together by cutting vasilopita, engaging in conversation, laughter, music and dance.

That night will eternally hold a special place in the hearts of the students involved and hopefully the collaborators from Prolepsis and the guests from Mati. The feedback from both the Prolepsis directors and the guests from Mati reassured all those involved in the organisation that the event was a success. We could not have done this without the help from everyone involved, thank you to everyone!

Emma Campbell

Year 12

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