30 May

Graduation and Prize Day 2017!

This year Graduation and Prize Day afforded Campion's graduates and prizewinners an additional honour, that of being the first to receive their awards in a ceremony in the school's new closed gymnasium. Owing to the threat of rain, the new structure did double duty as an auditorium. It served its purpose well and the event came off with only a few minor glitches, the most obvious being a lack of seating as the turnout on 26th May was much larger than expected!

Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, an English space scientist and science educator, was Campion's guest speaker and her lively, witty style kept the audience entertained throughout the evening. The indoor space proved to be more than adequate for the crowd, providing a more intimate environment than in previous years. Anyone standing outside the venue would have heard a lot of hearty cheering for those who were there to be honoured.

Congratulations to our graduating class: we wish them all success on 5th July when the IB results are released. A full list of this year's prizewinners can be seen here. Well done everyone!



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