18 October

Australian Embassy Rugby Seminar

The Australian Embassy, along with Panathinaikos Rugby Club, presented a seminar and coaching session to Campion School’s rugby players. The Australian Embassy’s focus was women in sport and this tied in very well with Campion School offering rugby to our girls for the first time. The Australian Ambassador, Ms Sophia McIntyre, spoke of the love that Australians have for sport and how sport is an equaliser amongst people, how women should not face barriers and how more sports featuring women are starting to get noticed in Australia. Two female players from Panathinaikos Rugby Club spoke about their experiences in rugby and how and why they got into the game.

After the presentation in the school Hall the Panathinakos girls, along with the head coach of the men’s team Mr Vasillis Katsakos, led a training session on the school field. Campion students thoroughly enjoyed the drills and skills being taught. Passing, tackling and mauling techniques were covered during the training session. Panathinaikos Rugby Club presented a rugby ball to Eva Papadimitriou and Arthur Tourret for putting in the best effort and technique during training.

For many of our students this was their first exposure to rugby and it was a very positive way to start the season. Rugby training will continue on the first Monday after the half-term.
A big thank you to Mr Stuart McLennan from the Australian Embassy and to Panathinaikos for organising this event and to all those at Campion who helped set up and offer their support.

Mr Psaromatis
Rugby Coach

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