12 March

Panhellenic Forensics

This year, ACS hosted the Panhellenic Forensics Tournament. Debaters, orators, speakers and actors from team Campion enjoyed the camaraderie and competition along with 17 other schools from all over Greece. The standard of competition was incredibly high and, in the finals, only a very few of the 500 plus participants made the stage for the different events. However, Campion came away with two honourable mentions: Sara Al Khashlok for a powerful oratory and Panagiotis Lampropoulos and Eleni Giama for a wonderfully observed comic duet.

The novice team of debaters just missed out on the quarter finals with three out of five wins. The experience of Forensics is one of a kind and participants can truly extend their English-speaking skills and learn how to deal with the effects of stress and stage fright!

Next year, the tournament will be in Thessaloniki where I hope the Campion team will be again full of talented youngsters!

Mrs Bodington

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