20 March

Arabic Culture Day

The third annual Arabic Culture Day took place on 13th March in the Senior School Hall. The event included Arabic dance, music, cuisine and performances. The event began with an inspiring song called I Write the Name of My Country sung by the Arabic pupils from years 3 to 9. Following the song, Mrs Fatima Al Suwaidi presented a poem by the famous Arabic poet Ibn-Al Rumi. The poem was very moving and had a lot of morals to it.

All the Arabic countries speak the same language but have different cultures and traditions. To show different individual cultures, members of Year 7 and Year 8 introduced us to their countries by giving us a brief historical background and some fascinating facts.

The five senses are important in our lives along with respecting each other and working hard. The Year 3-6 pupils presented us with a play introducing the five scenes and their importance in our daily lives. The play was very comedic and pleasant.

The ancient Egyptians were the first to introduce music and dance as a method of celebration and to thank the gods they invented the first musical instruments. George Tsilonis played the oriental drums along to a beautiful piece of music. The girls from Year 4 and 5 performed an outstanding dance to the music of Om Kalthoum called Laylit Hob.

After the performances the buffet of Arabic food was opened to all the Arabic students and teachers as well as the parents who helped prepare the food. The event was a big success!

Year 10 students,
Fatima Khalil, George Tsilonis, Armand Anwari

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