26 March

Campion World Cup

This year's annual Campion World Cup was another huge success! Fifty players made up the four teams: alumni, teachers, students and parents. The two semi-finals were close and no team really had a huge advantage over the other. Competition was fierce!

Third place went to Marc Chidiac’s alumni team! The final was between the teachers and parents and it seemed like this year the cup could change hands. With Mr Pasios’s injury, things looked bad for us teachers. But then, Grammenos Chalkias took the team on his shoulders and, with two personal goals, gave victory and the cup to the teachers!


1st place teachers
2nd place parents
3rd place alumni
4th place students

The women’s match was also a very close game and was decided by a last-second goal by Ms Gargareta for the alumni, maintaining the winning streak of the women’s alumni team. The game ended 1-0. Many alumni reunited with a very happy Mrs Economou who immediately set about organised an alumni dinner! 

The fans were spectacular! They were cheering their teams on. Many young children were also there playing their own football games behind the goals.

Thank you all and see you next year!

A Gargareta, alumna '00

PE Dept

IMG 0464sm
IMG 0474sm
IMG 0472sm

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