Mr S Atherton, MA (Oxon), MSc (Open), LRSM, ARCO, [email protected]

Head of Seniors

Mr M Henderson, BSc (Loughborough), MA (Open University), [email protected]

Head of Juniors

Mrs J Whitehead, BSc (St Andrews), Headmistress, [email protected]

Junior School

Ms A Aherne BEd (Limerick, Ireland), [email protected]

Ms R Aoun, BA (Lebanese University), Arabic, [email protected]

Miss S Billios, BA (Bristol), [email protected]

Ms Nikki Burley, BA (Cambridge School of Art), [email protected]

Mrs J Chalikiopoulou, BEd (Keele), Learning Support, [email protected]

Mrs J Crossland, BEd (Bradford), [email protected]

Mrs V Delidimitri, Infant Dept. Teaching Assistant, [email protected] 

Ms N Karachaliou, Dip (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), MSc (University of Edinburgh), [email protected] 

Mrs J Korakakis, BSc (Wales), Deputy Head and Mathematics Leader, [email protected]

Ms M Koralli, MSc (Manchester), [email protected]

Mr H Milward BA (Brighton), MA (Open), [email protected]

Ms N Myers, BA (Queens College, NY), MSc (Queens College, NY), MA (Queens College, NY), [email protected]

Mrs D Nanopoulou, Dip (Athens), Greek, [email protected]

Ms S Norton, BA, ABSM Teaching Diploma (Birmingham Conservatoire), Music Coordinator, [email protected]

Mrs E Panagopoulou, Dip (Athens) Assistant Head, Greek Language and Culture Coordinator, [email protected]

Mrs Erini Panayiotides-Djaferis, MA (University of Dundee), [email protected]

Ms K Polideras, BA (Concordia), MEd (McGill), ICP Coordinator, [email protected]

Ms Z Ratford, Infant Dept. Teaching Assistant, [email protected]

Mrs J Sideris, CertEd (Whitelands) PE, [email protected] 

Ms G Tsitsos, BEd (Western Sydney), [email protected]

Ms J Tzamarias, BA (Roehampton), [email protected]

Ms M Vayanos, BA (Strathclyde), MA (Reading), Teacher Assistant, [email protected]

Mrs J Walter, BA (Kent) ESL, [email protected]

Mrs J Wickstead-Vossou, NNEB (Wolverhampton), [email protected]

Ms Eleni Xanthis, BA (King's College, London), MA (University College London), [email protected]

Mrs P Zinelis, BEd (Kingston, Ontario), Literacy Leader, [email protected]

Visiting Instrumental Teachers

Mr M Eisenstein, Guitar [email protected]

Mr G Halkias, BA (Thessaloniki), PGDip RNCM, MA (Birmingham), Clarinet [email protected]

Mrs H Heliger, BA (University of California, Santa Cruz), Voice [email protected]

Ms M Katerelou, MMus in Piano, postgraduate diploma in Piano Performance (Trinity College of Music), [email protected]

Ms M Panayiotopoulou, Dip (Athens), (Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris) [email protected]

Ms I Shalenkova, Dip (Moscow), Violin [email protected]

Mr K Sfetsas, Diplome Superieur de fin d'etude musicales (Schuola Cantorum de Paris), Cello [email protected]

Ms K Venetsanou, Dip (Athens), Piano [email protected]

Administration / Ancilliary

Mr C Calafatis, Business Manager, [email protected]

Mr A Politsopoulos, Facilities & IT Manager, [email protected]

Mr S Mazis, IT Dept, [email protected]

Ms D Baker, Director of Communications/Senior Admissions, [email protected]

Ms M Patouha, Transportation Officer,

Mrs T Christofidou, Registration and Fees, [email protected]

Ms M Damigou, Accounts and Payroll, [email protected]

Mrs S Georgiadou, Supplies, [email protected]

Mrs P Kefalas, Nurse, [email protected]

Mr I Backlitzanakis, Laboratory Technician

Ms H Salter, Librarian, Senior School, [email protected]

Ms A Rylander, Information Systems Manager, [email protected]

Mrs E Michael, Headmaster's PA, Senior School, [email protected]

Mrs M Thiveou, Junior School Secretary, [email protected] 

Ms E Andrianaki, Receptionist, Senior School, [email protected]

Mr C Markoulakis, Messenger

Mr C Stamatakis, Maintenance

Mr V Bakalis, Maintenance